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Festo Inc.

5300 Explorer Drive
Mississauga, ON
CA, L4W 5G4

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Drilling & Production

Festo PTFEN tubing tackles roughest jobs in process applications

Festo's newest line of FDA-compliant pneumatic tubing - PTFEN - delivers excellent high pressure, heat, corrosion and hydrolysis resistance required for harsh operating environments in many process industries. Made of polytetrafluorethylene, this extremely robust tubing is TSE-free, resistant to cleaning agent and not affected by challenging ambient atmospheric conditions. Microbes and other active agents and contaminants don't stick to polytetrafluorethylene, making PTFEN tubing easier to clean and ideal for manufacturing in the chemical and other industries.

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Are all excavators the same?

Among the top brands, many believe all excavators are the same. But when you look closely, you can spot the small differences in design that add up to huge differences in productivity and efficiency — differences that can boost your profitability. 

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Instrumentation, Systems & Automation

Pneumatic cylinders from Festo offer new variants and installation options

The latest generation of Festo's popular CRDSNU round stainless steel pneumatic cylinders boasts new variants and installation possibilities for extended and contaminant-free operations. Based on the ISO 6432 standard and ideal for operations in harsh environments or where frequent and effective cleaning is a must, CRDSNU now offers options like an extremely long-life dry running seal as well as self-adjusting end-position cushioning. 

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