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NewTek Sensor Solutions

Address 7300 US Route 130 North, Pennsauken, NJ, 08110, US
Email [email protected]
Website newteksensors.com
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Spring-loaded LVDTs perform in applications with corrosive environments and vibration

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers an extended series of spring-loaded LVDTs that provide accurate dimensional feedback for a variety of position measurement and quality assurance applications including go/no-go measurements, automotive part quality testing, roller position/product thickness control, TIR measurements and material testing under stress.  

NewTek expands LVDT line with non-contacting analog rotary position sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces the RV series of RVDT Rotary Position Positions that offer highly accurate angular displacement measurement of rotating elements such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves, actuators, throttles and dancer arm tensioners used in industrial machine-to-machine applications.  With a shaft that rotates a full 360° with no stops and virtually no friction, these AC-operated rotary position sensors measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of ±30°.  

Signal conditioner offers intuitive setup for LVDTs

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces the NT-C-6000 Quik-Cal LVDT Signal Conditioner that offers an intuitive AC LVDT set-up for quick configuration by non-technical personnel. Workers can set zero and full scale output using front panel push buttons while LED indicators provide prompts for the calibration process. Color-coded plug-in screw terminals further simplify equipment set-up. These smart signal conditioners even self-diagnose and indicate LVDT failure while providing cybersecurity lockout and tamper detection.

NewTek high-temperature position sensors handle heated environments

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces the HT-1000 Series of Extreme High-Temperature Linear Position Sensors for applications demanding the highest levels of reliability in the rugged environments of industrial equipment. These AC-operated LVDTs are constructed of special high-temperature materials to withstand temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C).