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About Generac Mobile Products

A leading global manufacturer of mobile light towers, diesel and gaseous generators, pumps and heaters, Generac Mobile Products is headquartered in Berlin, WI, with state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and testing facilities. Generac Magnum and Generac MAC equipment are designed to withstand the rigors of oil and gas applications and extreme environments. Our solutions maximize efficiency and enhance productivity and safety for maximized profit. From purchase to deployment, and for the lifetime of your equipment, count on Generac Mobile Products to provide innovative solutions, excellent customer service and expert technical support. We've been serving the oil and gas industry for over 30 years.

Mobile Gaseous Generator

Mobile Gaseous Generator

MGG series gaseous generators from Generac Mobile Products provide a versatile and cost effective prime power solution for oil and gas production operations. MGG generators can easily switch between natural gas, liquid propane or wellhead gas fuel sources. Running your operation on wellhead gas can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual diesel fuel costs. MGG series generators feature fully programmable controllers with paralleling capabilities.

Extended Run LED Light Tower

Purpose-designed for remote and autonomous applications in extreme environments, the MLT4060MVD light tower features a robust and durable construction with an advanced multi-speed engine that adjusts the speed to the power load for enhanced fuel efficiency. New, more powerful LED lights are built for long-lasting performance with minimal power consumption, enabling up to 533* hours on a single diesel tank fill.

Generac Magnum MLT4060MVD Light Tower

Mobile Trash Pump

With the lowest intake height on the market, Generac Magnum mobile trash pumps easily handle solids up to 3 in. (76.2 mm) in diameter, and operate for extended run times to move water fast. Available in wet prime or Venturi and Diaphragm dry prime models, these pumps feature a durable chassis and an optional sound attenuated enclosure (dry pumps only).

Generac Magnum MTP Series Trash Pumps

Mobile Diesel Generator

Delivering prime power solutions in a wide range of power nodes, mobile diesel generators from Generac Mobile Products are designed and engineered to support a variety of oil and gas operations, in the most extreme conditions. Generators are configured to meet your needs, including choice of containment, cold weather packages and trailer options. For ultimate flexibility,  up to 32 generators can be paralleled for a scalable solution to power needs.

Flameless Mobile Heater

Flameless mobile heaters from Generac Mobile Products deliver superior fuel efficiency and heated air output with unprecedented safety. Designed for safe use in oil and gas applications, these heaters provide reliable air flow capable of ducting long distances with minimal loss of air pressure or outlet temperature. The durable construction stands up to the most extreme conditions.

Generac MAC750F Flameless Mobile Heater