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Datalogger ideal for monitoring all water types

The Level TROLL 100 is an economical, absolute (non-vented) data logging instrument for monitoring and recording changes in water level, pressure, and temperature. The Level TROLL100 body and nose cone are constructed of a corrosion-resistant Acetal alloy and use a ceramic pressure sensor which makes it ideal for monitoring in all types of waters including seawater. The unit comes with enough memory to record 32,000 data points including date, time, level, pressure, and temperature, plus has linear, fast linear, and event measurement log tests. The Level TROLL 100 is operated by Win-Situ software and a USB or RS232 Docking Station is used for programming and downloading water level data. The instrument is deployed with suspension wire with depth ranges of 0 to 30 feet, 0 to 100 feet, or 0 to 250 feet.


In-Situ Inc. announces the release of four TROLL Link telemetry systems: 100, 102, 101 and 201. The TROLL Link 100 system operates on GSM/GPRS networks worldwide and allows users to connect directly to their In-Situ Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL or TROLL 9500 device using Win-Situ Plus. The TROLL Link 102 system operates on domestic CDMA networks and allows users to connect directly to their In-Situ Level TROLL or Aqua TROLL device using Win-Situ Plus’s dial-up mode. The TROLL Link 101 and 201 systems are ideal for end-users looking to access their data via a password-protected website. Both units work with In-Situ’s Level TROLL, Aqua TROLL and TROLL 9500 systems. The TROLL Link 101 uses GSM/GPRS networks to transmit data from the device to a secure data centre. The TROLL Link 201 transmits data to the data centre via Iridium’s low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite network. The data centre can be configured to send out alarm messages via SMS, email and voice on measured values versus predetermined alarm points.