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Gas chromatograph

The Voyager gas chro-matograph detects sulphur species and VOCs in natural gas production. Natural gas companies often have the difficult task of separating and scrubbing the raw oil/ gas field product to ensure low sulphur content, and remove extraneous VOCs before the gas is sent for transport. The Voyager portable gas chromato-graph offers on-site capability for measuring critical sulphur species to establish the sulphur and VOC content in natural gas, thereby allowing production companies to quickly determine corrective measures for the scrubbing and removal of contamination. Further, the Voyager provides datalog-ging capability so readings can be stored in the instrument and downloaded to a computer for analysis and recordkeeping.

Landfill gas detector

The measurement of methane and non-methane components in landfill gas is essential for compliance with air quality operating permit requirements. The Mi-croFID flame ionization detector offers this capability in a portable and easy to operate instrument. Featuring flame ionization detection (FID) technology, the Mi-croFID measures methane gas accurately and quickly. A single tutor key prompts the operator through the basic operations, and critical data is displayed in less than three seconds. Further, the MicroFID provides datalogging capability so readings can be stored in the instrument and downloaded to a computer for subsequent analysis and recordkeeping purposes. Non-methane hydrocarbon readings are performed with the simple addition of a snap-on charcoal filter capsule. The MicroFID meets and exceeds the requirements for EPA Federal Reference Method 21 for fugitive gas emissions.