Nova Analytical Systems Inc.

1925 Pine Ave
Niagara Falls, NY
US, 14301

NOVA Analytical Systems Inc. manufactures portable and continuous gas analyzers and gas monitors for flue gas, emissions, landfill gas, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, biogas, syngas, heat treat gas, ambient, H2 purity, etc.

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Nova 380/436 Series – Hydrogen Purity & Purge Analyzer

Nova 380/436 Series – Hydrogen Purity & Purge Analyzer

For checking purity of hydrogen (H2) in H2-cooled generators and synchronous converters. The Model 380 Series is portable, while Model 436 is a wall-mounted permanent analyzer. Both models will also monitor the safe purging of H2 during shutdown or startup. For hydrogen purity and purge monitoring.
Range 1: 0-100% H2 in Air
Range 2: 0-100% H2 in CO2
Range 3: 0-100% Air in CO2

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