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Climatronics Corporation

Address 140 Wilbur Place, Bohemia, NY, 11716, US
Phone 631-567-7300
Fax 631-567-7585
Email [email protected]
Website climatronics.com
Climatronics Corporation manufactures off-the-shelf and custom-designed weather sensors and systems that deliver data you can rely on, even in the harshest environments. Long standing clients include the armed forces, aviation administrations, environmental protection agencies, meteorological services, water management authorities, and government organizations, both domestic and foreign. Customer services encompass comprehensive documentation, calibration, factory service and field support.

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Climatronics’ rugged and reliable All-In-One (AIO) Compact Weather Station accurately measures temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, and barometric pressure. Compatible with most data logging systems, the AIO features low power consumption and a small footprint, an integrated sonimometer wind sensor, and self-alignment via a built-in flux gate compass. It is a professional grade, next-generation solution with no mechanical components and a proven field-use history. Accessories include a carrying case, lightweight tripod and external power options. Complete, custom packages are available for hazmat and air quality applications.