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Explosion-proof transmitter

The Series 3200 Smart Pressure Transmitter is a microprocessor-based high performance transmitter, which has flexible pressure calibration, push button configuration and is programmable using HART Communication. The Series 3200 is capable of being configured with its zero and span buttons. A field calibrator is not required for configuration.
The transmitter software compensates for thermal effects, improving performance, and EEPROM stores configuration settings and sensor correction coefficients in the event of shutdowns or power loss. Additionally, the unit is FM approved for use in hazardous (classified) locations. A 100:1 rangeability allows the smart transmitter to be configured to fit any application.

Differential pressure controller has LCD display

The Series DH3 differential pressure controller provides a 4-20 mA process output, two SPDT relays with adjustable deadbands, and a large, bright backlit LCD display. The DH3 offers simplified programming via a menu key that enables the user to select: security level; set point or set point and alarm operation; auto or manual alarm reset; English or metric engineering units; pressure, velocity or flow operation, K-factor for use with various Pitot tubes and flow sensors, circular or rectangular duct size for volumetric flow operation plus many more. The robust Photohelic gage style a l u m i n u m housing is rated NEMA 4X on the front face when properly installed in a control panel. The sensing element can detect low differential pressures down to 0.25 inches up to 100 inches. Bidirectional ranges are also available. These features make the DH3 Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller the ideal instrument for monitoring pressures in various rooms, zones and ducts in factories, laboratories or buildings.

Multi-function anemometer

Model 9555 is a multi-function anemometer that accurately measures air velocity, air flow, temperature, humidity, and pressure simultaneously, and displays the five parameters on the large graphic display. Adding parameters is easy with the optional plug-in probes available, such as and rotating vanes, and CO2 make more measurements with one instrument.For easy data logging, recall, review and downloading for documentation, Log-Dat2 software is included with each meter. The Model 9555 includes wireless Blue-tooth printing capability to an optional portable printer. Certificates of calibration are included with every meter.

Hazardous location sensors

ITM offers CSA- and FM-approved assemblies for use in U.S. and Canadian hazardous locations where fire or explosion hazards exist.They are designed to extinguish flames inside the device, eliminating the potential for ignition of flammable mixtures in the surrounding atmosphere. RTD and thermocouples assemblies are available in fixed element and spring-loaded designs with or without thermowells. Fixed element assemblies, dependent on connection head type, meet XP Class I, Division I, Groups A, B,C and D; DIP Class II, Division I, Groups E,F,G and Class III, Division I. Spring-loaded assemblies, dependent on connection head type, meet XP Class I, Division I, Groups B,C and D; DIP Class II, Division I, Groups E,F,G and Class III, Division I.


The ground testing instrument family from Megger offers a unique solution to your ground rod testing needs. The four models comprise a digital three-terminal instrument for grounding and bonding tests, a digital four-terminal model that adds resistivity measurement, an analogue three-terminal model, and a revolutionary new three-terminal tester that adds a current measuring function for ART (Attached Rod Technique) testing capabilities. With this added function, on-site grounds can be tested separately without having to remove the utility connection.