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Gamajet Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Address 604 Jeffers Circle, Exton, PA, 19341-2524, US
Phone (877) GAMAJET
Fax (610) 408-9945
Email [email protected]
Website gamajet.com

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Designed specifically for cleaning OTR tankers, the Gamajet 88 incorporates two Gamajet E-Z8 spinners positioned to focus wash streams directly at the bulkheads. The angle of the spinners ensures a 90-degree angle of impingement at the bulkheads for best cleaning effect. Cleaning 360 degrees on every rotation, the Gamajet 88 eliminates residual materials and the potential for bacterial growth. The unit fits through standard manways and weighs the same, and requires the same pressure and flow as a conventional spinner.