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Forged piston manifolds

TLV CORPORATION is pleased to announce the MP-Series Piston Manifolds. The MP-Series are CLASS 800 forged manifolds available in 4, 8, or 12 station models. Each connection point has a built-in piston valve, minimizing installation space. The MP-Series contain a high performance CLASS 800 (PMA = 1,098 psig at TMA = 800 degrees F) piston valve comprised of upper and lower valve rings made of alternating layers of stainless steel and graphite that provide exceptionally tight sealing. The MP-Series is available at a lower price point than bellows style manifolds making it an optimal choice for large project work.

Best performance for superheated steam mains

TLV's FS5H QuickTrap is designed for drainage of superheated or high pressure steam mains, equipment, and turbines up to 650 psig and 800 degrees F. TLV's FreeFloat design allows for rapid and smooth removal of condensate, and the unique three-point seating ensures a steam-tight seal even under no load conditions.
TLV’s Stainless Steel 2-bolt QuickTrap provides a universal strainer connector with optional blow down that enables steam trap replacement in minutes without disturbing the piping, and can be installed in pipework of any angle orientation.  This combination of quick replacement, in-line repairable trap, and optional strainer blow down, significantly lowers maintenance costs and minimizes system downtime, while helping achieve a "zero energy" condition for maintenance. 

TLV J3S-X durable free float trap

This extremely durable free float trap is an excellent choice for plants with corrosive environments, and refineries/petrochemical plants where steel materials are required.  Significant advantages of the stainless steel J3X include:


The high reliability BE3L bellows seal globe valve for steam service is an excellent choice for steam, hot water, and heat transfer fluid applications.