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Hobart Brothers Company

Address 101 Trade Square, Troy, OH, 45373, US
Phone (937) 332-4000
Website hobartbrothers.com

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Concentric design offers even coating

Hobart Brothers Company has added to its Hobart family of American Welding Society (AWS) E6010 stick electrodes. The new Hobart 610 stick electrode features a concentric design, ensuring an even coating along its entire length and consistent arc performance – every time, from every pound of product.

Self-shielded flux-cored wires for pipe welding

Hobart Brothers announced the availability of two new self-shielded flux-cored wires designed specifically to improve welding performance on high-strength pipe welding applications. The Hobart Fabshield 79T8 and Fabshield 79T8 Ni2 wires both provide excellent out-of-position welding capabilities and generate a fast-freezing, self-peeling slag to minimize instances of slag inclusions and reduce cleanup time. Their smooth arc characteristics and excellent weldability help increase operator appeal and reduce fatigue. The Fabshield 79T8 and Fabshield 79T8 Ni2 wires also require no shielding gas, making them ideal for outdoor pipeline welding.

Fully redesigned site for welding products

Hobart Brothers has launched a fully redesigned website: www.hobartbrothers.com. In addition to featuring a new look, the website has improved navigation options and product search features.  Visitors can search for filler metals by American Welding Society (AWS) classification, product name, part number or brand. Or they can use one of the website’s interactive tools to obtain filler metal recommendations for a specific application. The website also features more detailed product information, including package availability and agency approval documentation for specified products.


Hobart Brothers offers its Tri-Mark TM-770 gas-shielded flux-cored wire for use on high volume carbon steel applications that require high impact properties. Ideal for use in offshore structural applications, TM-770 wire meets the stringent certifications of the American Bureau of Shipbuilding.