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New to the pipeline construction industry - PipePillo. PipeSak Pipeline Product's structured pipeline pillows are injection-molded and made from high-strength, long-lasting and environmentally inert polypropylene. PipePillos support larger diameter pipelines (16" OD plus) and are engineered to withstand extreme loads.

PipePillo™: Simply a better way to bed your pipeline! This new and
affordable structured pipeline pillow protects pipe coatings, but unlike
standard foam, never shields cathodic protection.

The PipePillo product lines a rocky trench to protect the Ruby Pipeline.

The PipePillo has a dual function to support pipe stringing and welding operations. Use of  PipePillo's can replace wooden skids, but with a much lower labour component.

PipeSak®: Pound for pound the world’s strongest geotextile weight. It’s
the only weight in the marketplace with a six-compartment design that is
stable enough to install on floating pipe and porous enough to work with
all CP systems. For almost 20 years, PipeSak® has become the
approved ASTM tested product for a growing number of pipeline
companies around the world.

Tuff-N-Nuff: Today’s rockshield "gold” standard provides high-impact
proven protection. It is the industry’s most durable and flexible PVC design.

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