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Series of air-cooled TIG torches

To improve torch control and performance when welding on thin- to medium-gauge materials, Weldcraft offers its WP-17 Series of air-cooled TIG torches. Ideal for professional or hobbyist welders, the series includes six different styles of TIG torches, including models with gas valves and flex necks. The torches provide 150-amp DC and 115-amp AC welding capabilities at 60 percent duty cycle, and are available with 12.5- and 25-foot, one- or two-piece cable lengths.

Flex-neck torches offer better joint access

To help provide better joint access, Weldcraft offers several TIG torches with flex-neck designs. The company’s popular WP-9, WP-17 and WP-26 Series of air-cooled TIG torches all feature an optional ‘F’ or flex-neck model (e.g. WP-17F) for welding applications featuring limited joint access and/or difficult joint angles. Weldcraft also offers valved versions of each of these flex-neck torch models (e.g. WP-17FV) for use with power sources that do not have gas solenoids.

Modular Flex Kits allow custom TIG torch configurations

Modular Flex C o m p l e t e (MFC) Kits allow welding operators to customize specific air-cooled and watercooled TIG torches for their exact welding application, minimizing downtime for torch changeover for each job and reducing the need to stock additional inventory. The AK-150MFC Kit converts a standard WP-17 Series air-cooled TIG torch into 28 different torch styles while still using the existing cable, and the AK-225MFC Kit converts a single WP-225 water-cooled TIG torch package into five additional torch styles. Both kits include collets, collet bodies, nozzles, torch heads and other accessories needed to create these custom TIG torch configurations.


For durability, comfort and category leading performance under continuous, heavy-duty TIG welding applications, Weldcraft offers its WP-26 family of hand-held air-cooled torches.


Weldcraft designed its AK-150 Modular Flex (AK-150MF) Kit to provide maximum flexibility on a wide range of TIG welding applications. The AK-150MF is an “all-in-one” kit that allows operators to convert their standard 17F or 17FV TIG torch into 20 different torch styles using an existing cable. By delivering multiple configurations in a single package, the AK-150MF COMPARABLE eliminates the need to purchase and carry extra torches and reduces downtime associated with torch changeovers. “The AK-150 Modular Flex Kit provides the ultimate all-around versatility,” says Mike Sammons, sales and marketing manager, Weldcraft. “It allows TIG welders to customize multiple torches according to their specific needs – all without adding cost.” The rotatable heads, which improves fl exibility by allowing the built-in gas valve on a 17FV torch to be positioned at any point on the handle and allows for multiple torch confi gurations on the non-valved 17F. The easily removable head and coil combination unit, surrounded by silicon rubber insulation, eliminates multiple connection points to prevent overheating and high frequency leaks that can lead to unnecessary downtime or rework.


Six new Weldcraft TIG torch packages have been introduced to ease ordering and inventorying by offering all the components necessary for TIG welding in one package. There are four torch packages for air-cooled applications ranging from 150 to 200 amps and two water-cooled torch packages including either a 250- or a 350-amp torch.

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