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No chance of condensation

With its new generation of enclosure heaters, Rittal has developed a product to create the optimal operating environment within enclosures for control equipment and switchgear. Through the utilization of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and energy-efficient PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology Rittal heaters now allow a better thermal output than previous solutions. New features, such as the double clamp-type terminal connection and the quick-assembly system, also ensure time-saving installation. The formation of condensation in enclosures poses risks, in particular to sensitive control electronics located outdoors.

More protection with Ri4Power low voltage switchgear solution

The protection of persons and equipment can be improved significantly with the new, modular form separation concept of the Rittal TS 8 enclosures. This applies in particular when semi-skilled staff are operating the system or when the entire switchgear installation cannot be disconnected for maintenance work and repairs. Additional safety aspects are met with the Rittal RiLine60 busbar systems that can be designed for all-round encapsulation. Ninety percent of all accidental arcing is caused by working on live systems. The all-round encapsulation significantly reduces this hazard potential. In addition, the busbar supports and base-point-free design inhibits accidental arcs, allowing them to be dissipated quickly. The plastic parts in the busbar system are made of UL-listed material (UL94-V0), which means they are self-extinguishing.


To protect valuable components working in tough environments Rittal’s compact enclosures AE to IP69K offer a high protection category, corrosion resistance and optimum cleanliness. Holding the category to IP69K to DIN 40 050-9/5.93, which complies with NEMA 4 these compact enclosures are manufactured in stainless steel 1.4302 (AISI 304). Water absorption is negligible as the silicone foam door seal has a closed cell structure. The temperature resistance of the seal is from -60 degree to +180 degrees. In addition Rittal’s new compact enclosures have a 10-degree tilt roof to prevent the accumulation of liquids.


Rittal enclosure cooling units can now be supplied with a NANO Technology coating which repels oil and dust and prevents particles from attaching to the condensers, even after prolonged periods of operation. RiNano coating is available in both Rittal’s wall and roof mounted units from 300 W to 4,000 W and the application of this technology within the enclosure cooling market is an industry first.