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Address 1000 Lucas Way, Hampton, VA, 23666, US
Phone 1-800-745-8008
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Website meas-spec.com

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Submersible hydrostatic level transducer

The new KPSI 745 submersible hydrostatic level transducer is specifically designed with a 3.5-inch OD allowing installation into 4-inch pipes to provide precision depth measurement under rigorous environments encountered in slurry or highly viscous applications.


Measurement Specialties manufactures Schae-vitz brand pressure transducers for the harshest environmental conditions which provide maximum resolution at the required measured pressure range. These transmitters are built using rugged bonded foil strain gage (BFSG) technology, time-tested for industrial applications. The key to this capability is a unique pressure overload protection for the diaphragm called the Over Travel Stop (OTS). OTS enables the sensing element to handle a minimum of five-times full scale over-range pressure spikes without damage or drift.