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geoLOGIC systems ltd.

Address 6 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB, T2P 0T9, CA
Phone (403) 262-1992
Website geologic.com

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Innovative software for better decision-making

geoLOGIC systems ltd. provides well data and integrated software solutions to the energy and production industry. geoLOGIC is an innovator in supplying data in more accessible and usable forms so clients can make better decisions – from the well head to senior levels of accounting and administration. geoSCOUT is a fully-integrated, Windows-based exploration system that combines presentation-quality mapping and cross-section tools with data handling and analysis software. It integrates public and proprietary data on wells, well logs (Raster and LAS), land, pipelines and facilities, fields and pools, and seismic studies. It includes powerful, easy-to-use tools for browsing, mapping, reporting, analysis and managing information.


geoLOGIC systems ltd. presents petroCUBE — another powerful suite of tools to help oil and gas players turn data into winning business strategies. petroCUBE combines rapid, online access to high quality data for the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with a secure desktop application to analyze well data. petroCUBE enables users to: benchmark performance against regional data and do desktop analysis of your own wells; determine chances of drilling success; calculate realistic reserve potential; do full-cycle economic analysis to decide whether to buy, drill or sell; predict likely ROI; and compile probabilistic data to meet NI-5101 or SEC requirements.