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The MFT 4010 is a combination calibrator/HART communicator that reduces the time spent on field calibrations. The MFT 4010 delivers the versatility of a modular calibrator and the convenience of HART communications in one hand-held unit. Users can view up to four measurements simultaneously on the high resolution LCD or compare HART primary variable and analog output values to corresponding measurements by the NIST traceable MFT modules. A voltage and current meter is integral to the base unit. All HART field devices can be config-ured, polled, and trimmed using HART communications. Documenting is standard for calibration procedure prompting in the field and full documentation of as found and as left results. The instrument supports pressure and temperature transmitters, switches and indicators plus P/I and I/P converters and Hart communication, CE, Hart leads, batteries, serial cable and boot.


The Meriam Manometer or DP gauge is used to indicate the liquid level in the storage tank. The hydrostatic force created by the weight of the liquid creates a differential pressure between the top and the bottom of the tank. Meriam differential pressure instruments are used to measure this difference. Scales for the gauges and manometers can be made to show this reading as tank level, gallons, cubic feet, litres and just about any other units needed. 1226 gauges can be installed with switches to sound an alarm if the liquid level drops below a preset amount.


Meriam Process Technologies announces the release of the M2 Smart Manometer. The “M Series” line of test instruments and calibrators provides an entire array of products that feature the latest technology at affordable prices.