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DomePosts and TestPosts locate buried assets

William Frick and Co. has expanded its line of long-lasting DomePosts and Test-Posts for buried cable and pipeline assets. Designed for 360-degree visiblity, the durable posts are constructed of 100 percent virgin UV-stablized polyethylene to prevent fading and warping. They offer fully embedded graphics for maximum durability – even in extreme environments. Buried assets are constantly at risk from new construction or excavations,” said Evie Bennett, VP of marketing and sales for the the Libertyville, IL-based company. “Frick DomePosts and TestPosts make it simple to locate and service buried assets and prevent accidental damage.” Frick design services allow customers to create markers customized with their messages, phone numbers and logos. Available in all standard colours, the impact-resistant posts can be easily installed in the field and include an anchor bar to keep them firmly in place.


Building on its long relationship with the gas/water pipeline industry, William Frick & Co. has expanded itsSmartMark RFID offering to include tags specifically designed for pipes. These durable, patent-pending RFID tags make inspections simple, provide solid read ranges of up to 15 feet and can record over 200 characters of text. Best of all, their rugged construction gives them a service life of up to 10 years.


Emergency Hardhat Labels add an extra element of safety on the jobsite. Life saving information can help expedite the appropriate medical response when an accident occurs. Conformable vinyl adhesive safety stickers provide a no wrinkle imprintable surface allowing vital information to be stored on the inside of hardhats and safety helmets.


William Frick & Co. released their newest addition to the gas pipeline family of marking products with its Pavement and Soil Markers. The Company is known for its custom design, ISO Certified development and rapid delivery of highly durable utility marking products such as domed and fibreglass posts, labels, tags and curb and aerial markers. Most gas pipeline products are made from rugged materials that are tried and proven to last for more than 20 years.