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Mouvex - Micro C Series Pumps

Your solutions for continuous transfer and low-flow metering (800 liters/h) at 3 bars and 15 bars pressure.

Features & Benefits

Innovative Sealles design

Leak free pumping without the need for magnetic couplings or mechanical seals. Consistent performance, minimally affected by fluctuations in pressure and viscosity. Self-adjusting for mechanical wear.

Small footprint and easy integration

Excellent self priming; ability to run dry; strong suction lift (ability to clear the pipes); not affected by viscosity variations and pressure.

Piston movement inside the cylinder

The disc moves eccentrically, driven by an off-center shaft. Each point of the disc moves at the same speed. The eccentric disc operating principle allow the pump to provide a smooth, steady flow even et low linear speeds.


Ideal for soap & detergents, agri-business, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals processing applications.


Key Specifications
Model: C125 Capacity: 0,0024 L/hr, Pressure 15 bar
Model: C250 Capacity: 0,0024 L/hr, Pressure 10 bar
Model: C500 Capacity: 0,0090 L/hr, Pressure 5 bar
Model: C800 Capacity: 0,0134 L/hr, Pressure 3 bar

Company Info

ZI la Plaine de Isles, 2 rue des Caillottes
FR, F-89000


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