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Spectro Scientific - MiniLab 53 Oil Analysers

Oil analysis provides early indications of equipment wear mechanisms and identifies the root causes of corrosion. On-site oil analysis eliminates the wait associated with sending samples off-site and enables immediate decision making.

Features & Benefits

Machinery health

Early identification and trending of machinery wear and failure modes allows preventative maintenance before a catastrophic failure occurs. Makes it easy to track and trend the key oil parameters necessary for optimizing machinery health.


Proactively schedule maintenance based on the predictive analytics of machine wear, rather than reacting to unexpected component failure.

Portable viscometer and FluidScan

Features a portable viscometer and FluidScan, allowing QA testing at the receiving dock and in-service testing at the machine.

Fast, simple and easy to use

Comprehensive oil analysis in less than 10 minutes. Can be operated by plant staff, no chemist required. Easy to interpret results and maintenance actions. Generates sample and trend reports automatically.

Company Info

One Executive Drive, Suite 101
Chelmsford, MA
US, 01824-2563


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