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Liebherr Canada - RL 44 Litronic Pipe Layers

The design of the Liebherr pipelayers is orientated around the application requirements of modern pipeline building sites. As a universal operating machine, the pipelayer RL 52 Litronic, as well as being used for pipe transport, can also be used as a power source for welding attachments, pipefacing equipment or compressors. The main feature is the a-symetric track frame, and its wide tracks on the boom side allow the work to be carried out directly on the edge of the ditch. The narrow tracks on the counterweight side reduce the working area required, as well as easing transport. A comprehensible control with only two joysticks for all travel and steering movements, as well as actuation of the boom reduce the possibility of faulty operation. The tracks of the hydrostatic travel drive, with continuous power to both tracks, and without switch procedures, allow simple traversal of steep slopes. As the travel drive is wear-free, and also works as an operating brake, a reinforced braking system is not needed, even in mountainous terrain.


Key specifications
Engine output 175 kW/238 HP (ISO 9249)
Operating weight 35,100 kg
Max. lift capacity (tipping load) 45,900 kg
Travel speed 0 - 10.5 km/h