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Blackmer - Sliding Vane Hand Pumps Vane Pumps

Blackmer sliding vane hand pumps provide a safe, convenient method of dispensing or transferring non-corrosive liquids from drums, barrels, tanks or vats. They are designed for easy, efficient operation in handling a wide range of liquids in industrial, construction and agricultural applications.

Operating on the same principle as Blackmer power pumps, these positive displacement, self-priming, sliding-vane pumps provide steady, non-pulsating flow at easy turning speeds. The sliding vanes self-compensate for wear to maintain high-suction lift and are easily replaced at low cost after years of service.


Key Specifications
Capacity Range 26 to 95 lts.
Maximum Pressure 0.7 to 2.8 bar
Maximum Temperature 149°C
Fluid Viscosities 420 to 6,300 cSt

Company Info

1809 Century Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI
US, 49503-1530


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