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Blackmer - RC 20/25 Regenative Turbine Pumps

Blackmer offers Ebsray Series regenerative turbine pumps to the Americas market for LPG and Autogas applications.

Recognized as a global leader in Autogas-handling applications – with decades of reliable performance in thousands of installations worldwide – Ebsray products are known for efficiency, reliability, and performance.

Ebsray Series regenerative turbine pumps have been specifically designed and precision-built for high-pressure transfer in Autogas applications. The secret to the success of these pumps is the innovative impeller design, which optimizes hydraulic performance resulting in high differential pressures even at low flow rates, a critical consideration for Autogas applications. Ebsray pumps also feature a smooth, quiet operation and long pump life.


Key Specifications
Flow Rate (at 3,500 rpm) 58 to 94 L/min
Differential Pressure (at 3,500 rpm) 12 bar
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 70 bar
Pump Speed 3500 rpm

Company Info

1809 Century Avenue SW
Grand Rapids, MI
US, 49503-1530


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