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Seatronics - RTS Gen 5 MUX Multiplexers

The Gen 5 MUX has rapidly manifested itself as the preferred high end ROV multiplexer solution in the industry. The MUX covers the increasing demand for accurate, flexible and robust subsea data transfer combined with user-friendly interfacing. Offered models and options allow for supplementary functions such as Composite and HD video, fibre assembly adaptors and channel customization. The innovative titanium subsea housing provides an extremely reliable and easily accessible data hub for for the challenging conditions of the marine environment.


Key Specifications
Surface Unit: Voltage requirement 90 - 264 VAC or 120 - 370 VDC
Surface Unit: Power requirement 100W Max
Subsea Unit: Voltage requirement 90 - 264 VAC or 120 - 370 VDC
Subsea Unit: Power requirement 900W Max (+ AC output)
Surface Unit: Weight 8,5 kg ± 1,0 kg
Subsea Unit: Weight in air 32kg ± 2,0 kg
Subsea Unit: Weight in water 15kg ± 2,0 kg

Company Info

1319 W. Sam Houston Pkwy N. Suite 150
Houston, TX
US, 77043


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