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Lincoln Electric - S3215E Wire Feeders

LN-25 PRO series wire feeders are designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. Whether you are an ironworker, pipeline welder, or weld at a construction site, shipbuilding facility or metal fabrication shop, we have the right semiautomatic wire feeder for you.


Key Specifications
SOLID WIRE SIZE RANGE .023-1/16 in. (0.6-1.6 mm)
CORED WIRE SIZE RANGE .030-5/64 in. (0.8-2.0 mm)
WIRE SPEED RANGE IPM (M/MIN) 50-700 ipm (1.3-17.7 m/min)
NET WEIGHT 40.500 (18.371 kg)

Company Info

179 Wicksteed Ave.
Toronto, ON
CA, M4G 2B9


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