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Wajax Industrial Components - MAGDOS DX Pumps

Solenoid-diaphragm dosing pumps play an important role in the reliable and accurate dosing of liquids in the process cycles. They are appropriate for low-pressure applications and small dosing quantities. Dosing pumps are used in many branches of industry that work with liquid chemicals - not excluding toxic and aggressive media.


Key Specifications
Capacity range from 4.7 to 27.7 gph, up to 150 psig
Power Supply 115 V / 230 AC
Nominal stroke frequency 70 rpm
Delivery capacity at max. pressure from 4.7 gph to 27.7 gph
Power consumption 66/70 W

Company Info

2200 52nd Avenue
Lachine, QC
CA, H8T 2Y3


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