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Dynatrol - Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Systems

Dynatrol® CL-10HY Density Systems achieve exceptional accuracy over a wide range of process changes in ambient temperature, pressure, viscosity or flow. Our systems are designed for density measurement in familiar units like specific gravity, API gravity, Baumé, BRIX°, as well as being able to measure the percent solids or percent concentration of a liquid or slurry.


Key Specifications
Pressure Ratings 1000 and 1480 PSI (standard)
Temperature Rating 300°F and 500°F (standard)
Process Connection Threaded, Flanged, or CIP
Integral Temperature Measurement Platinum RTD.
Housing Rugged, Sealed, All-Weather X-proof

Company Info

3030 Maxroy Street
Houston, TX
US, 77008


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