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Tyco Gas and Flame Detection - MX 32 Gas Detectors

Introducing the MX 32 measurement and alarm unit used to protect equipment and personnel in atmospheres that may contain flammable and toxic gases. Available with one or two channels, the MX 32 offers tailor-made detection capabilities and exceptional programming possibilities compatible with a wide range of fixed gas detectors. The total cost of ownership is enhanced by easy installation and operating flexibility.


Key Specifications
Weight 1,750 g
Capacities 1 or 2 channels
Power consumption 30 W
Breaking Capacity 2A/230 V AC / 30 V DC
Power supply 115 Vac or 230 Vac 24 Vdc

Company Info

4055 Technology Forest Blvd.
The Woodlands, TX
US, 77381


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