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Ditch Witch - FXT30 Air Air-Vacuum Excavators

The Ditch Witch FXT30 Air was built based on your need for a powerful air excavation system. The air excavation process uses high-pressure air to loosen soils and then uses the dry spoils to backfill the hole when the job is done, eliminating the time and expense of liquid spoils removal. The FXT30 Air is designed with superior cfm and pressure for increased excavation resulting in higher productivity. And because it is not limited by fresh water availability, this machine allows for increased productivity and opportunity as it offers endless excavation capabilities. It’s perfect for jobs that restrict hydro excavation due to stringent environmental regulations. The FXT30 Air gives the versatility of having one unit with both air and hydro excavation systems onboard. It allows operator to utilize either function independently, depending on the demands of changing jobsite conditions giving extreme productivity and efficiency on the job.


Key Specifications
Engine Kubota® D1105-E3B
Displacement 68.6 in3 (1.12 L)
Bore 3.07 in (78 mm)
Stroke 3.09 in (78.5 mm)
Manufacturer's gross power rating (SAE J1995) 25 hp (18.5 kW)
Air flow 500 cfm (14.2 m3/min)
Vacuum, max 15 in Hg (381 mm Hg)
Vacuum tank capacity 500/800 gal (1893/3028 L)
Water tank capacity 200/400 gal ( 757/1514 L)

Company Info

1959 W. Fir Ave.
P.O. Box 66
Perry, OK
US, 73077-0066


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