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Emerson Process Management - Fisher™ Types 119, 119EZ & 119EZS Valves

Type 119 switching valve is used for on-off or throttling control of noncorrosive or mildly corrosive gases. It is designed to meet low-pressure gas application requirements in many varied industries. The 119EZ and 119EZS are used as fuel gas valves for oil and gas natural-draft burners. They are designed with a built-in speed controller that allows opening speed to be tuned to help ensure proper ignition of the main burner.


Key Specifications
Maximum Inlet Pressure 150 PSIG / 10.3 bar
Maximum Outlet Pressure 150 PSIG / 10.3 bar
Spring Ranges 3 to 60 PSIG / .021 to 4.1 bar
Body Sizes 0.75 / 1 / 1.25 NPS