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Probe - Probe iSet Tools

iSet is an electro-hydraulic setting tool designed to be conveyed on Slickline with batteries or on E-Line in Surface Read Out mode. iSet uses a state of the art brushless DC Motor to drive a compact high pressure pump and is controlled via our patent-pending Cyclops Touch interface. This removes the requirement to disassemble the tool after each run. After extracting the tool from the well, the iSet is reset by simply opening a bleed screw on the tool body. Within seconds, the tool will automatically reset and is ready to RIH. The iSet power source is contained within the tool electronics power unit or EPU. The Alkaline EPU also contains off-the-shelf Alkaline batteries in addition to all of the control electronics. Changing power modules will allow use of the setting tool in E-Line operations.

The tool can be run up to 50 times before an EPU change out is required. A full set of new electronic modules are replaced with each EPU change. The process of replacing the EPU has been designed for ease of field operation. The iSet contains multiple sensors; temperature, pressure, motion, voltage and current. All sensor information is logged to memory which can be retrieved and presented after each operation.


Key Specifications
O.D. 2.165 in (55.00mm) - 3.600 in (91.44mm)
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa)
Standard Temp 23°F to 302°F (-5°C to 150°C)
Stroke length 10.0 in (254mm)
Load 30,000 lbs (13,607 kgs) - 60,000 lbs (27,215 kgs)
Connection Type (Standard) 0.6875 in UN– 2B 16 TPI-STR & RH - 2.000 in Reg ACME– 2G 6TPI– STR & RH

Company Info

6824 North Sam Houston Parkway W
Houston, TX
US, 77064


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