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The GOV+ Electronic Speed Governor is a module in the PLC+ product line. It provides closed loop speed control of an engine by controlling an actuator. It can communicate to PLC’s to monitor and control processes via Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP. The speed input pulse can come from magnetic, Hall effect, or other types of active pickups. A configurable 4-20mA or 0-10V analog output signal can be used to control an actuator position to control

the speed. 


Key Specifications
Power Requirement 10-32VDC, 0.60 AMP max
Enclosure Extruded aluminum, NEMA Type 1
Mounting Mounts to 35mm rails
Speed Input Pulses from magnetic pickups, Hall-effect sensors
Input Frequency Range 1Hz to 100kHz
Range 0 to 3,000 RPM
Update Rate 30 milliseconds
Connections Up to 5 connections
Data Rate Auto-sensed, 10/100Mbps

Company Info

712 Trumbull Avenue , Ohio
Girard, OH
US, 44420


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