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Brandt Tractor Ltd. - BPL170K Pipe Layers

Our 170,000 lb Brandt Piplayer has multiple boom options so you always have the proper boom for the job, whatever the application. Completing the package is our best-in-class Brandt SmartLiftTM system, which offers dynamic stability feedback, ensuring that the operator always knows the lifting ability at all boom angles over various slopes and pitches. To ensure reliable real-time feedback at all times, the Brandt system features load sensors that are hardwired to the tractor AND which can be supplemented with premium camera and radar packages.


Key Specifications
Weight 120221 lb
Overall Length 246 in
Cabin Height 138 in
Width 250 in
Ground Clearance 246 in
Boom Length 228 in

Company Info

Hwy #1 East, Box 3856
Regina, SK
CA, S4P 3R8


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