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PE30 ProxEncoder

The Joral Hockey Puck™ and Prox Encoder® non-contact rotary position sensors are designed with a patented non-contact magnetic assembly that allows up to 1/2"(12mm) air gap between sensor face and element. The true non-contact assembly replaces the standard shaft/bearing assembly with a rare-earth magnetic coupling that exceeds the performance of any other competing non-contact assembly on the market.


Key Specifications
Input Power 6 to 30 VDC at approx 60 mA max, not including output loads
Connections Terminal Plug, M8, M12, M12 Pigtail, Flying Lead Cable, Shielded Flying Lead, or Deutsch - 4 or 6 pin
Resolution 0.3°
Repeatability 0.30%
Nonlinearity <1%
Housing Diameter 30mm

Company Info

926 Perkins Dr P.O. Box 205
Mukwonago, WI
US, 53149


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