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The SGT-800 industrial gas turbine offers broad flexibility in fuels, operating conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions, and ratings. The excellent efficiency and steam-raising capability make it outstanding in cogeneration and combined cycle installations. The SGT-800-based power plant, designed for flexible operation, is perfectly suited as grid support.

The SGT-800 combines a simple, robust design, for high reliability and easy maintenance, with high efficiency and low emissions. With more than 340 units sold and over 6 million equivalent operating hours, the SGT-800 is an excellent choice for for industrial or oil and gas applications.


Key Specifications
Power output 47.5 MW(e) - 57.0 MW(e)
fuel Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Gross efficiency 37.7% - 40.1%
Turbine speed 6,608 rpm

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