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MTU America Inc. - Series 4000 Diesel Engines

In 1996 we presented the Series 4000 to the public for the first time. Even then it was clear: These engines are something really special. As the very first large diesel engines, they were equipped as standard with the common-rail injection system - and as a result, were ten years ahead of the current status of development. Right at the start we specifically designed the engines to be powerful, universally deployable and yet efficient. That's how you can still recognize a Series 4000 even today. Because we strive continuously to convert our customers' requirements into reliable, clean and durable technology. As a result the Series 4000 engines will also stand the test in future in the toughest applications: in boats, rail vehicles, industrial and mining vehicles, in energy systems as well as pump drives for the oil and gas industry.


Key Specifications
Engine type 4000- 00/01, 4000- 03
Number of cylinders 8V/ 12V/ 16V/ 20V
Cylinder configuration 90°V
Bore/Stroke 165/190 - 170/210 mm
Rated power 700 - 2000 - 746 - 3490 kW
Speed max. 1/min. 1800 - 2100 rpm

Company Info

39525 MacKenzie Dr.
Novi, MI
US, 48377


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