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Xtreme Shell®

The Andax Xtreme Shell® Pipe Flange Containment System is a complete solution for fast and easy containment of a leaking flange, valve or any other connection point. The Xtreme Shell® system encapsulates the leak at the source and diverts it safely to a secure containment vessel. This simple and effective process turns a potential shut down into a quick and easy fix.

Features & Benefits

A complete containment solution for leaking flanges, valves or connection joints

Fast and easy to install - just place it over the flange or valve and secure

Virtually eliminates the need for shut downs or emergency repairs

Helps keep your facility safe and in compliance

Indoor/Outdoor use (long-term UV-resistance)

Impact resistant to -20°

Handles fluids up to 200­°

Company Info

613 W Palmer St
Saint Marys, KS
US, 66536


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