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SPX - Twinro Two Pumps

The Twinro 2 screw pump is a heavy duty, fixed flow transfer unit. It is available in either Iron, Steel or Stainless Steel constructions to suit a variety of duties. The design of the screwset means the screws intermesh without metalic contact, making the pump suitable for non-lubricating duties. The pump is available in two configurations:

Outboard bearing pumps suitable for non-lubricating liquids, such as Petroleum Liquids, Palm Oils, Fatty Acids and Water Emulsions.

Inboard bearing pumps suitable for lubricating liquids, such as Lube Oils, and clean Fuel Oils.


Key Specifications
Capacity up to 800m3/hr
Pressure up to 20 Bar
Viscosity up to 7000 cSt
Temperature -40 to +200°C

Company Info

13320 Ballantyne Corporate Place
Charlotte, NC
US, 28277


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