Rigaku Americas Corporation


Handheld laser induced breakdown (LIBS) spectrometer


Within seconds, the KT-100S handheld metal analyzer easily performs identification of the most difficult alloy grades. KT-100S utilizes laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) enabling durable and accurate alloy identification for use in: scrap metal sorting, quality assurance in metal fabrication, and positive material identification (PMI) in mission-critical operations, such as aerospace and petrochemical.


Features & Benefits

  • Proprietary 1064 nm Class 3B laser excitation with low ocular safety distance (NOCD)

  • Miniature, high resolution, high throughput spectrometer with CMOS detector for optimized performance

  • Spectral range covering the most relevant alloying elements and spectral features

  • User selectable “Drill Down” for surface preparation to enable improved analysis

  • Rapid matrix selection, chemical composition and grade ID with no user input required

  • Password protected with automatic “sleep mode” for improved safety and battery life

  • On-board camera for capturing sample image and bar code reader for easy data entry

  • Pistol shaped for optimal one-handed operation: 24.3cm L x 8.4cm W x 25.7cm H (9.55”L x 3.30”W x 10.10”H) and weighing~1.5kg (3.25lbs)

  • Operating temperature of 5 to 40°C