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Alliance Sensors Group

SS-7 series

LVIT Linear Position Sensor for Subsea

SS-7 series

The SS-7 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductance Transducer) position sensors from Alliance Sensors Group have been designed to give cylinder position feedback in subsea environments with depths up to 12,000 ft or in a PBOF (pressure balanced oil filled) chamber for oil and gas exploration, blow out preventers, ROVs, and relief valves.



Key Specifications
Measuring range 25 mm to 900 mm (1 to 36 inches) Full Scale (nominal)
Linearity Error ±0.15% of Full Scale Output (FSO) typical, ± 0.25% of FSO max.
Resolution 0.025% of FSO
Update Rate 300 Hz nominal
Operating Temperature -20 to 85 C (-40 C to 105 C Extended Range)
Operating Pressure 5200 psig max. (350 bar)