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Cubility US LLC


Solids control solution


The MudCube uses a combination of high air flow and vacuum pulled through a rotating screen (filter belt) rather than the high g forces and vibration used by the standard shakers to separate mud and solids. This technology is proven to have higher levels of solids removal efficiency, which in turn reduces the volume of drilling fluid lost, minimizes the tonnage of waste generated, and raises drilling fluid performance, which all contribute to an overall reduction in cost.



Key Specifications
Maximum airflow for each vacuum unit 1200 m3/h
Power consumption at maximum speed for each vacuum unit 11 kW
Power consumption 1,85 + 0,37 kW
Sea water consumption 300 l/min @ 6bar
Air consumption for air knives 3 Nm3/min @ 6 bar/MudCube
Air consumption for microvibrators 1,3 Nm3/min @ 6 bar/MudCube
Maximum mudflow (OBM @ 2,6 SG) 3 600 l/min/MudCube