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Rated and tested to 300°F and 5000 psi, Metal-Lok Wellhead Penetrator covers the majority of ESP well applications and is designed and tested to handle harsh environments. The use of PEEK insulation and minimal use of elastomers make it highly resistant to downhole pressure decompression. Like the rest of the Metal-Lok™ family, this product has been subjected to BIW's qualification regimen to prove its robustness and reliability. This rigorous process consists of aging the product in refined hydrocarbons and applying water and gas at max pressure and temperature, followed by repetitive pressure cycling. 


Key Specifications
Environmental 300°F (149°C), 5000 psi
Electrical 5000 VAC, 20 to 120Hz 140 Amperes (ATEX) and 160 Amperes (Class 1 Div 1)
Approvals Approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D Hazardous locations in the USA and Canada IEC and ATEX Certification Exd IIB T4 G

Company Info

1133 Westchester Avenue
White Plains, NY
US, 10604


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