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Weir Oil & Gas - SPM® QEM 5000 Pumps

Weir leveraged our nearly 150-year legacy of engineering excellence and the precision engineering of the proven SPM® QEM platform — with zero NPT reported in more than a billion field cycles — to design a heavy-duty, high-horsepower frac pump built to run at 100% of rod load, 24 hours a day — and it's built for electric.


Key Specifications
Design ratings Continuous Duty Electric
Stroke length 203.2 mm (8")
Size range/-dimensions 2,210 mm x 2,946 mm x 1,372 mm (87 inches x 116 inches x 54 inches)
Pressure class/-power rating 5,000 BHP
Approximate weight (dry) 26,000 lb (11,794 kg)

Company Info

7711 Weir Way
Fort Worth, TX
US, 76108


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