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Gardner Denver - Thunder 5,000 HP Pumps

The future of frac fleets is higher horsepower. Whether it be diesel, dual fuel, electric motor, or gas turbine, our new Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex pump is ideally suited to help operators realize the cost savings that come with it. An 11" stroke quint rated for 5,000HP, the Thunder Quintuplex reduces the number of trucks necessary in the fleet and allows lower operating speed for longer consumable life and reduced fatigue cycles. Meeting or exceeding competitor output capabilities at lower operating loads helps extend pump life, making the Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex the ultimate pump for your frac fleet.

Features & Benefits

11” stroke length reduces consumable cost by 37% vs traditional 8" stroke pumps

Reduces downtime with modern design upgrades to improve serviceability in the field

Next generation fluid end technology showcasing stainless steel construction and innovative geometry to minimize stress

Utilizes Gardner Denver’s innovative Redline Packing to extend fluid end life in the harshest conditions

24/7 aftermarket service and support anytime and anywhere you need it

Company Info

1800 Gardner Expressway
Quincy, IL
US, 62305


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