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Alliance Sensors Group - LV-45 Series Sensors

Alliance Sensors Group LV-45 series linear position sensors are specifically targeted for measuring applications requiring rugged devices, whether measuring position of steam turbine valves, mounted in a paper mill head box or calendar roll stand, or operating outdoors fastened to a bridge or structure. LV-45 sensors use a contact-less inductive technology that allows them to replace other technology sensors like potentiometers and DC-LVDTs in most applications. With a simple coil design, a captive connecting rod, and a thick walled housing, the sensors are both shorter and more robust than their DC-LVDT counterparts while operating over a wider temperature range, so they can withstand the vibration and shock levels found in mills and power plants, as well as the temperature and humidity found in outdoor applications. Once a sensor has been installed, ASG’s SenSetTM range adjustment process permits a user to match the sensor’s zero and full scale outputs to the workpiece’s actual range of motion.

Features & Benefits

Measuring Ranges

7 full scale measuring ranges from 4 inches to 18 inches (100 to 450 mm)


1.75 inch (44.5 mm) diameter heavy wall aluminum or stainless steel body


Radial or axial connector or cable terminations

Range Scaling

SenSetTM field adjustable range scaling

Company Info

102 Commerce Dr. Unit 8
Moorestown, NJ
US, 08057


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