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OMEGA - i-Series Tempertaure Sensors

The Omega® iSeries is a family of microprocessor-based instruments offered in three true DIN sizes with NEMA 4 (IP65) rated front bezels. All of the instruments share the same set-up and configuration menu and method of operation, a tremendous time saver for integration of a large system. The iSeries family includes extremely accurate digital panel meters "DPi" and single loop PID controllers "CNi" that are simple to configure and use, while providing tremendous versatility and a wealth of powerful features.

Features & Benefits

Embedded Internet

Optional "embedded Internet" (specify "-EIT" option) the iSeries are the first instruments of their kind that connect directly to an Ethernet network and transmit data in standard TCP/ IP packets, or even serve Web pages over a LAN or the Internet.

Serial Communications

The iSeries are also available with serial communications. With the "-C24" option, the user can select from the pushbutton menu between RS232, RS422, and RS485, with straightforward ASCII commands or MODBUS.

Company Info

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