ElectraTherm Enters Canada’s Natural Gas Compression Market Converting Waste Heat to Power

ElectraTherm has partnered with ConocoPhillips to install two Green Machines at a natural gas compression station in Cessford, Alberta, Canada. The two Green Machine 4400s, ElectraTherm’s ORC generators producing electrical output up to 65kWe each, run in parallel off the waste heat of a Waukesha 7042 natural gas engine. The waste heat generates approximately 90kWe gross of fuel-free, emission-free electricity at the site. The Green Machines were installed in the first quarter of 2014 and have each exceeded 2,000 hours of run time to date. They are remotely monitored from ElectraTherm in Reno 1,200 miles away. These Green Machines represent ElectraTherm’s first commercial units that are CRN and CSA approved for Canadian deployments.

Exhaust heat from the natural gas engine is converted to hot water and added to the jacket water heat through an engine glycol cooling loop combined with an Aprovis exhaust gas heat exchanger. The waste heat enters each Green Machine at 230°F (110°C) and 180 GPM (11 l/s), where it’s converted into usable onsite power. This specific site was retrofitted into an existing compressor using an engine driven radiator/gas cooling system.

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Instrumentation, Systems & Automation

New testo 320 Oxygen Analyzer

Testo 320 oxygen analyzer.
Testo 320 oxygen analyzer.

Testo has announced the launch of the testo 320 oxygen analyzer. The 320 oxygen analyzer offers a simple intuitive operation for engine set-up or burner tuning. The testo 320 O2 is a rugged oxygen analyzer with a vivid high-resolution color display. You can easily understand the health of your 320 O2 via sensor diagnostics and a battery life indicator.

The testo 320 oxygen analyzer can help increase engine performance by mapping O2 concentration at each of the different load levels. By better understanding the engine output, it will enable you to make informed decisions when adjusting AFR settings.

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OilComm Reveals 2014 Conference Program

OilComm, the annual event dedicated to oil and gas communications solutions, has unveiled its 2014 Conference Program, consisting of brand new, hands-on workshops, business-oriented sessions and high-level keynotes.

This year’s OilComm conference program will include a business-oriented session track, focusing on the necessity and applicability of new communications technology in the oil and gas industry, as well as a technology workshop track, that will explore how new communications technology operates and integrates into the pre-existing technological infrastructure.

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Industry News

Unconventional Production & Well Site Facilities Design, Onshore 2014

For the very first time, Facilities VPs, Managers, and Engineers from: Chevron North America E&P, Laredo Petroleum, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Apache Corporation, Southwestern Energy,Devon Energy, Cabot Oil & Gas, and other key E&P operators across the Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Marcellus,will be meeting at America's first and only summit dedicated to the facilities engineering industry: Facilities Design Onshore 2014 (September 30 - October 1, Houston). 

This summit will allow delegates and speakers to compare the most advanced design philosophies in a way that has never been done before, to identify means of more cost-effectively optimizing design, equipment selection and modular components while applying recent environmental regulations in onshore, unconventional oil, gas and liquid fields. The entire summit has been designed with one mission: to improve the lead time, run time, reliability, and economics of well site facilities.

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Equipment Management & Maintenance

GO-Stations Go Operational in Canada’s Arctic

  • GO-Station with doors open
    GO-Station with doors open
  • GO-Station working at remote mine
    GO-Station working at remote mine

The first three GO-Stations are now operational in Canada’s high arctic at an undisclosed remote mine site. Built inside ISO containers, SEI GO-Stations are capable of providing everything needed to receive and transfer fuel from any bulk fuel storage system. Used to refuel vehicles and aircraft, GO-Stations provide a controlled, protected environment to house pumping, filtration, metering and dispensing equipment.

Designed to withstand the challenges and wild weather of remote locations, the GO-Station is compatible with diesel fuel, jet fuel or lube oils (future models will also allow gas).

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Scales & Weighing


Fairbanks Scales, Inc., has launched the Trident Truck Scale with Intalogix Technology. The fully electronic, heavy capacity Trident scale is built with advanced methods for superior structural integrity, producing a longer-lasting scale with consistently reliable and accurate performance. The scale, which is built to federal bridge standards, can be shipped from the factory and installed in one day.

The Trident Truck Scale features a factory-poured and steam-cured concrete deck for permanent above ground or shallow pit type use. The engineered 8,000 psi concrete, finished under American Concrete Institute (ACI) guidelines, wears better than steel, resulting in a longer-lasting scale.

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FortisBC selects contractor for $400 million Tilbury Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Expansion Project

FortisBC Energy Inc. has announced that it has selected Bechtel Canada Co. ("Bechtel") as the contractor for its Tilbury LNG Facility Expansion Project in Delta, B.C. 

The selection of Bechtel took place after a competitive procurement process. Bechtel brings global experience in the development of LNG facilities to the Project. Project construction is expected to employ 150 skilled workers over two years and provide an estimated $4 million per year in taxes to various levels of government over time.

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New TRICOR: The New 3” Coriolis Flow Meter

TRICOR Coriolis Technology is pleased to announce the release of their new 3” Coriolis flow meter to add to their TCM series. This meter is particularly well suited to the Oil & Gas Industry in applications such as measuring the midstream transportation of oil & gas, rail car & truck loading, allocation metering in crude oil and natural gas production, and metering of refined products in downstream production applications, as well as a whole host of other industries.

The new flow meter can measure flows 230,000 kg/hr, (8,433 lbs/min) or 230,000 lph (1012 gpm / 34,700 Bbl/day), and withstand pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar) with a high degree of accuracy (0.1% of reading). This new meter will soon have the following hazardous area certifications: ATEX Ex IIC TI-T6, and CSA/cUS Class 1 Div 1.

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ALLU Screener Crusher Bucket Improves Profitability In Pipeline Applications

The ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachment works with wheel loaders, excavators, skid steers or back hoes to screen, crush, pulverize, aerate, blend, mix, separate, feed and load materials all in one stage—increasing the profitability and efficiency of pipeline construction operations. It is an effective tool for pipeline padding and backfilling, because it allows material to be screened on site and then backfilled directly into a trench, eliminating the need for a dedicated stationary screening machine. The ALLU power adjustment valve promotes powerful startup and rotation allowing the attachment to efficiently screen and crush wet or dry material from 0.60-inch to 6-inch (15-mm to 150-mm) fragment sizes. Straight side plate construction makes the ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Buckets easy to fill and able to hold a greater volume of material, while the standard power adjustment valve prevents overloads. Locating the hydraulics on the back of the attachment keeps them well protected from damage, while patented fender plates protect the bearings and seals. Its patented construction keeps nuts and bolts away from the material flow. ALLU D-Series Screener Crusher Bucket attachments are available in over 60 models to fit any excavator, wheel loader, skid steer or backhoe.

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Processing Equipment & Services

Heat Transfer Equipment Tour Truck Demonstrates Alfa Laval Solutions.

Alfa Laval a Heat Transfer equipment maker and maintenance services provider, is touring Canadian cities with a demo truck from June to September, 2014. Atlantic cities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were included in the first leg of the tour. More Canadian stops will be added in September based on requests for demonstration.

The tour truck shows examples of compact, welded and plate Heat Exchanger system are cutaways of models and exchanger plate configurations. The unique trailer is completely self contained and can be setup in any facility parking lot, with no connection to electricity or water.

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